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Crown Removal Kit


Crown Removal Kit is designed to remove inlay, onlay, crown and bridge in the mouth, by making a precision channel on center of occlusal surface. It is not necessary to cut the crown with tungsten carbide bur. Using the Kit, it can dramatically reduce the time to remove crown and bridge without damaging healthy tooth structure such as enamel. Only one minute is required in case of Inlay removal. 

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• Patent Number: 제10-1790886호



• Manual  



Step.1 Make a precision channel

Make a precision channel on the center of the occlusal surface with a Hole cutter(HC10) supplied with the Crown Removal Kit. 


• You may see cement and dentin power augered out of the channel.
• It is important the diameter of the channel be no wider than the diameter of the Hole cutter (1.2mm), as this diameter precisely matches the diameter of the Hand remover you will be using.
• You should not pass through the cement layer when making a channel.




Step.2 Undermine the metal

Verify that you are all the way through the metal.
You undermine the metal with the Cement cutter(CC10) supplied with
the Crown Removal Kit. 


• With the dentin or cement undermined from under the metal, you are now
ready to remove the crown.
• This prevents threading and bolting the metal and the tooth structure together.




Step.3 Set the hand remover in the prepared channel

Set the hand remover in the prepared channel and turn it with finger pressure in a clockwise direction until you feel the resistance. 


• You can use the Hand remover with 1.8mm screw if the Hand remover with 1.6mm screw cannot engage with the prepared channel of the crown.



Step.4 Insert the screw of the hand remover to the prepared channel

Turn the hand remover with the Ratchet(RC) supplied with the Crown Removal Kit, and you will feel the self-taping instrument thread into the metal and feel the cement layer break. Usually at this point, the crown will loosen and lift from the tooth easily. 



• Over torque may fracture the screw of the hand remover.