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Introducing product of BHL
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Lottago® was initially invented by Lotta Carlheim, a Swedish dental nurse who simply wanted to be able to work more comfortably. She came up with the idea of a connecting a jaw support to a saliva ejector and combining this assembly with a detachable connector that is mounted to the high speed suction.

A smart solution, since the detachable connector offers the possibility to use the high speed suction whenever needed, and to mount it again when doing difficult procedures or work indirectly. Lottago® offers a great advantage in ergonomics; solo workers can use both dental mirror and scaler simultaneously and they are now able to work in an indirect, ergonomic working posture.

This friendly and easy-to-use jaw support is designed for any dental hygienists and you can reuse it multiple times. Lottago® can also be used under rubber dam, when doing endo. It fixates the 6mm saliva ejector on one position. This is comfortable for your patients too:  they can rest their jaw during a longer treatment.

The Lottago® jaw support offers a perfect match when use with the Yirro-plus® mirror system. Lottago® is available in two types: with and without a connector.